This WORLDSITE will introduce those people of the World descended from Zacharias Schömbs -- the Schambs, Schembs, Schemes, Schoembs, Schombs, Schaembs and Schömbs, as well as the descendants of Schömbs daughters whose surnames changed through marriage.

The WORLDSITE includes books and much other information about Zacharias Schömbs and his descendants. "The Family of Zacharias Schömbs" by Reinhold Schembs (Mainz/Laubenheim, Germany) deals with the history of the family back to 1645 (the Thirty Years War) and continuing into the 21st Century in Germany. It is available in both German and English. "The Auswanderer Schömbs" by Jim Schembs (Phoenix, Arizona USA) is the story in English of those who decided to leave Germany, and their lives and descendants thereafter.

What's Really New?
In July 2020 we are having another Schömbs Familientreffen, our Fifth! Based upon the number of cousins who have already responded, we will have a considerably larger gathering than we have had in the past!

Details are on the Worldsite. Be sure to let us know of your interest.

Not Quite as New?

2018 - we continue to discover more emigrants. Most recently new emigrants to New York City and Jo Daviess County, Illinois.

2015 - we just had our Fourth Familientreffen (Reunion) in Germany! The story and pictures are now available on the Worldsite!

2013 - the entire website has been redesigned! It is now easy to navigate through the story! More Fotos! More Cousins!

Schömbs 2008 was a Big Success! 140 cousins from seven countries, four continents! Visit the Worldsite to see the pictures.

Schömbs 2015 Schömbs 2015 Schömbs 2015
Schömbs 2015

The Fourth Schömbs Familientreffen -- 2015


About 150 relatives met in Herrnsheim, Germany, for the Familientreffen. Relatives came from Israel, Australia, Canada, the United States, France and Germany. The big party was on Saturday, 21 June, 2015. But other activities were on Friday (walking tour of Undenheim and the hometowns of emigrants), Saturday morning trip to Heidelberg Castle and a private showing of the sculptures of Walter and Eckhard Schembs and the light painting of Johannes Schembs, and a Sunday Rhein River cruise and dinner in Oppenheim.

Many more (and larger) pictures are available on the WORLDSITE.

Schömbs 2015
Schömbs 2015 Schömbs 2015
Schömbs 2015 Schömbs 2015 Schömbs 2015

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